Entrepreneurship and Civic Activism for Young People

The aim of the program is to educate a model citizen, one who is skilled at her job, appreciates free enterprise, values democracy and is an active and contributing citizen of her community.  To this end, the objectives of the program are:

1)       Arm young people  with entrepreneurial skills and prepare them for the work force of tomorrow

2)      Teach young people to understand and appreciate work ethics and corporate social responsibility  (CSR)

3)      Engage corporations in the education of  young people and expand young people’s horizons with respect to their future careers

4)      Empower and   provide young people with skills and avenues such as NGOs  which  they can utilize  to undertake projects benefiting   their community

5)      Establish alumni clubs and networks and encourage them to continue their community service. 

JAA accomplishes the stated aim by implementing an after school program which is composed of two parts:  in part one, students  form student business companies and gain experience in running a business.  At the same time, the students  learn what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is and what benefits it offers to the company and to the community.  In the second part of the program, the students form non-governmental organizations, NGOs, and carry on a community project financed through their company’s CSR.  To augment their budgets, ten of the student NGOs have the opportunity to receive a $300 grant from JAA.   

The total number of young people involved in the program is 4500 students from 300 different educational institutions.