Junior Achievement of Armenia (JAA) gives today’s Armenian youth the necessary skills and knowledge to compete and succeed in tomorrow’s world. The mission is accomplished through economics and civics education. With both theoretical instruction and practical training, JAA teaches young Armenians how the free enterprise system operates, the role of business in the global marketplace, the hands-on fundamentals of running a business, partnering between public and private enterprise, and the basics of democracy-building, including human rights, civic duty, and social responsibility. JAA is an affiliate of Junior Achievement Worldwide (www.ja.org), which has member nations in over 100 countries around the globe.

Begun as an after-school elective in eight schools, today Economics and Civic Education classes are offered as high school and college courses. Currently, we reach 170,000 students in every school and region of the Republic of Armenia, including the Pedagogical Institutes. In all our work, JAA is dedicated to improving the lives of young Armenians by giving them the tools to compete in a global economy and foster democracy in their nation. We are introducing innovation and progressive ideas at a pace and scope that surpass most non-government organizations operating in Armenia today.

Our program is financed by JHM Charitable Foundation. We also received funding from HSBC bank, CARD Foundation and individual donors.