On March 15, 2016 VivaCell – MTS and Junior Achievement of Armenia awarded grants to eleven student companies to implement social projects in their respective communities. The awards are part of a program called “Entrepreneurial and Civic Education” and “Company Program”. The awards were handed by General Manager of VivaCell-MTS Mr. Ralph Yirikian. The event is part of “Global Money Week 2016” celebrations.

In the program, at the start of the academic year, the students in 10th or 11th grade establish a student business company. They do so by electing their officers, conducting marketing research, writing a business plan, issuing stock to raise capital, and producing and marketing a product or service. They also learn about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. In the second part of the year, the students close down the business company and create a non-governmental organization which has its capital the money that the students had set aside as part of their CSR.  Subsequently they augment their capital and implement a project benefiting their community.

Corporate social responsibility is a relatively new concept in the Armenian business community and Junior Achievement of Armenia is a pioneer in taking the idea to the schools. A model enterprise in this respect is VivaCell—MTS.

In 2011, the General Manager of VivaCell – MTS and JAA’s Executive Director signed a memorandum of understanding delineating areas of cooperation in the educational field.

According to the memorandum, VivaCell –MTS’s specialists are engaged in the process of the implementation of this program as volunteers and consultants to expand young people’s horizons with respect to their future careers.

The Entrepreneurial and Civic Education  program seeks to enhance the economic and business awareness of Armenian youth. Junior Achievement of Armenia acquaints students with current international business practices, ethics and corporate social responsibility issues, and helps unleash their business potential. The program also teaches young Armenians to become active citizens, team-players and to contribute to the welfare of their communities.

JA Armenia’s “Entrepreneurial and Civic Education” program is sponsored by JHM Foundation, and the “Company Program” is sponsored by HSBC bank.


Twelve schools were each awarded a 150,000 AMD grant to implement their community projects. The description of each school project follows.

1)      The Syuniq school   in the Syuniqregion will procure school hall benches. The total cost of the project is 672 000 AMD. The students have 82 000 AMD from their CSR, the parent council contribution will be 82 000 AMD, the“Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” contribution 250 000, and the “Zangezur” foundation contribution is 100 000 AMD..


2)      The Getahovit school in the Tavoushregion willfurnish the school activity hall. The project cost is 280 000 AMD. The students have 50 000 drams from their CSR, and the Mayor of the Getahovit has contributed 60 000 AMD.


3)      The Ptghunq school in the Armavir region will build a play ground for the community. The partners are the community youth council – 50 000 AMD, the school teachers – 30 000, the village municipality – 500 000 AMD. The students have 5 000 AMD from their CSR. The total cost of the project is 875 000 AMD.


4)      The Shirakavan school of the Shirakregion will improve the school grounds and create an outdoor sports field. The total cost of the project is 307 000 AMD. The school administration contribution is for 150 000 AMD, the village municipality contribution is inkind in the form of materials.


5)      The Voghjaberdschool of the Kotayq region willestablish an outdoor sports grounds. The partners are the Voghjaberdvillage municipality – 50 000 AMD, a businessman – 150 000 AMD, the school administration’s donation will be in kind in /metal pipes, electricity expenses/. Students have 5000 AMD from their CSR. The total cost of the project is 381 000 AMD.


6)      The Arevashogh school in the Lori region willinstall benches in the village “SurbAstvatsamayr” church. The partners are the school administration, the school alumni club. The students have 32 000 AMD from CSR. The total cost of the project is 297 000 AMD.The partners are: the school administration – 20 000 AMD, community leaders – 30 000 AMD, community members – 20 000 AMD, Archbishop SebuhChuljyan – 50 000 AMD.


7)      The Yeghegnadzor high school in the VayotzDzor region will place benches onShahumyan street in Yeghegnadzor. The partners are the Yeghegnadzor city municipality, and the school administration. The total cost of the project is 300 000 AMD. The partners are: the Yeghegnadzor city municipality and the VayotsDzorregional office. The students have 20 000 AMD from CSR.


8)      The Surenavan school of the Ararat region will organize activities for raising awareness of the Surenavan’sYezidipopulation culture and habits. The total cost of the project is 250 000 AMD. The partners are the school administration, the “Boghboj” monthly newspaper.The students have 10 000 AMD from theirCSR.



9)      The Pambak – Daranakschool of the Gegharkuniq region will renovate the school hall. The partners are: the village governor – 40 000 AMD,the school principal – 30 000 AMD, the parents – 30 000 AMD, the teachers – 20 000 . The students have 10 000 AMD from CSR.


10)  The Meghri # 2 school of the Syuniq Region / the program is sponsored by CARD foundation/ – will renovate the school library. The total cost of the project is 394 000 AMD.The partners are: the parents’ council – 30 000 AMD, the community members – 120 000 AMD, Meghri’s priest Der RafayelKhachikyan – 10 000 AMD.


11)  The Ashtarak # 5 school  of the Aragatstonregion will construct a bus stop. The students have already collected 50,000 drams, as well as have received in kind donations of sand, and other necessary materials. The partners are the Ashtarak municipality, the school administration, the parents council. The students have 10 000 from their CSR.


12)  The Yerevan “PokrikIshkhan” College and # 32 school will renovate a bridge used by both school students. The total cost of the project – 600 000. AMD.