Student Company Trade Fair - 2016
Student Company Trade Fair - 2016

On October 15, Junior Achievement of Armenia held a Student Trade Fair within the framework of the “Student Company Program” program.


The forty best student companies from all regions of Armenia and Yerevan presented their products to consumers.  


The Student Trade Fair is an annual educational activity which allows the students to showcase their student company products and to demonstrate the entrepreneurial skills which they have attained during their studies.   The goal of Junior Achievement of Armenia’s annual trade fair is to provide an open forum, a market for the Junior Achievement student company products. The event will provide practical knowledge to the students, as well as publicize the work of JAA .

The participants are seventy five 10th and 11th grade students who are embraced in the Junior Achievement’s “Company Program”, a program being financed by HSBC. Since September, the students have learned the basics of free market economics, have established their student companies, have conducted marketing research, written a business plan, elected their officers, issued stock and have manufactured their products. Today each region is represented by one selected school with five students.

The students will display their products under tents lined up on both sides of the entrance to Charles Aznavour Square.


The aim of the “Student Company Program” program is to teach young people the basics of free market economics and to instill in them a sense of civic activism and pride.  In this connection, throughout the year, the students form student business companies, conduct marketing research, sell stock to raise money and market their products or services.  An important part of the program is for the students to learn to work in teams and to plan their activities by writing a business plan.  The students also learn about corporate social responsibility and set aside a part of their profits to that end.  


 The students will direct part of their profits to public projects as part of their corporate social responsibility policies.  


The program is funded by JHM Charitable Foundation and HSBC Bank.